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Teachers Like Me will develop educators…

by cultivating within each a strong instructional pedagogy with a culturally responsive lens through rich professional experiences that improve instructional practices.
TLM will provide TLM Teachers professional development focused on district expectations, instructional strategies, social emotional learning, navigating parental engagement, cultural competencies, and fostering community partnerships through highly qualified coaches, mentors, and speakers throughout the year.
TLM will assess classroom walkthroughs and quarterly evaluations for all TLM Classrooms Teachers to measure effectiveness and growth.
TLM will provide academic support to Pipeline Teachers through tutoring, Praxis prep, and professional exposure.
85% of TLM Teachers will demonstrate growth from year 1-3 as evidenced in walkthroughs (approaching to advanced) and evaluations (proficient to distinguished).
85% of TLM Pipeline Teachers will maintain a GPA >3.0 to enroll/remain in a Bachelor’s of Education program and pass the Praxis exam.
60% of the students of TLM Classroom Teachers will demonstrate growth in the academic subject taught relative to other teachers.
80% of students and parents will respond that the TLM teacher displays high expectations, communicates well, and cares for their well-being in and out of school.

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